West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metro Station

metro West Falls Church-VT/UVA Washington DC Metro
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7040 Haycock Road Falls Church, VA 22043

Metro Line: Orange line.

Metro Schedule: Opens at 4:57 a.m.

Bike Parking: There are 40 bike racks and 22 lockers at this station.

Metro Entrance: Median of I-66 at Leesburg Pike


Metro Platform

The West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metro Station has 2 island platforms and 3 tracks. Each train goes in two directions named for the last stop on the line.

Washington DC Metro Orange Line: Vienna/Fairfax-GMU --- New Carrollton
The Orange Line goes in two directions: New Carlton and Vienna/Fairfax-GMU.

Use the Metro's Trip Planner to find out exactly how to get where you want to go in the Washington DC area, using Metrobus, Metro and local bus systems. The Trip Planner asks you where you're starting and when and where you want to go. Then it finds the best way for you to get there using the Metro system and local bus systems.

First and Last Trains

First Trains: Trains leave exactly 2 hours later on Saturdays and Sundays.

Washington DC Metro Orange line train from Vienna/Fairfax-GMU - 5:10 AM

Washington DC Metro Orange line train from New Carrollton - 5:07 AM

Last Trains: Trains leave exactly 3 hours later on Friday and Saturday nights.

Washington DC Metro Orange line train from Vienna/Fairfax-GMU - 12:27 AM

Washington DC Metro Orange line train from New Carrollton - 11:32 PM

Bike Parking

There are 40 bike racks and 22 lockers at the station. Bicycle racks are freely available on a first-come, first-use basis. Bicycle lockers are available for rent. So you can ride your bicycle to the metro station, leave it there, and take Metro or Metrobus.

Bicycle lockers provide secure parking by improving protection from theft, vandalism, and weather. Each locker is designed to hold one bicycle and bicycle gear. Most standard bicycles will fit inside. However, longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.

To rent a locker, send an email to providing your name, address, contact phone number, email address, and station of interest. All locker rentals are subject to availability.

Metro Parking

All Day Parking

There are 2,009 parking spots. Cost/day is $4.50. Parking fees are collected upon exit from 10:30 a.m. to Metro closing hours. Parking fees can be paid using SmarTrip Card and credit cards.

Short-term Metered Parking

There are 45 parking spots. Parking is available from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m., time limit is eight hours at West Falls Church greentops. Meters at short-term parking spaces accept only quarters and $1 coins.

Additional spaces and costs

There are 68 spaces on Access Road. The spaces are metered for a maximum of 12-hours @ $1.00 per 60 mins.

Reserved Parking

There is reserved parking at Median of I-66, off Haycock Road east of Leesburg Pike. The reserved rate is $65. Monthly permit holders are required to pay the daily fee each time they park. (The daily fee is in addition to the $65 monthly permit fee).

Free Parking

Parking is free at Metro parking lots and garages on weekends and federal holidays.

Bus Connections

The West Falls Church-VT/UVA Station connects passengers to other areas in Northern Virginia. Particularly, passengers can transfer to WMATA Metrobus, CUE Bus and Fairfax Connector. The map below shows you where to board your bus. Consult the map and bus stop information for routing and schedule information about each route serving the metro station.



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