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1001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036

Metro Lines: Red Line.

Metro Schedule: Opens at 5:19 a.m.

Metro Parking: None.

Bike Parking: There are 8 bike racks at this station.

Metro Entrance: The metro station has two entrances at:

Metro Connecticut Avenue and L Street


Metro Connecticut Avenue and K Street

Washington DC Metro

Farragut Crossing

Farragut Crossing is a "virtual tunnel" between two Metro stations: Farragut West Station and Farragut North Station that gives passengers the option to transfer above ground between the Red and Blue/Orange lines. A customer with a SmarTrip� Card can exit either Farragut North or West, walk a short distance above ground and re-enter the system at the other Farragut station without having to pay any extra fees.

First and Last Trains

First Trains: Trains leave exactly 2 hours later on Saturdays and Sundays.

Washington DC Metro Red line train from Shady Grove - 5:29 AM
Washington DC Metro Red line train from Glenmont - 5:32 AM

Last Trains: Trains leave exactly 3 hours later on Friday and Saturday nights.

Washington DC Metro Red line train from Shady Grove - 12:08 AM
Washington DC Metro Red line train from Glenmont - 12:02 AM

Metro Platform

The Farragut North Station has 1 island platform and 2 tracks, one for each direction. Each train goes in two directions named for the last stop on the line.

Washington DC Metro Red Line: Glenmont --- Shady Grove
The Red Line goes in two directions: Glenmont and Shady Grove.

Use the Metro's Trip Planner to find out exactly how to get where you want to go in the Washington DC area, using Metrobus, Metro and local bus systems. The Trip Planner asks you where you're starting and when and where you want to go. Then it finds the best way for you to get there using the Metro system and local bus systems.

Bus Connections

The Farragut North Station connects passengers to other areas in Washington DC. Particularly, passengers can transfer to WMATA Metrobus, MTA bus, DC Circulator, and PRTC bus from this station. The map below shows you where to board your bus. Consult the map and bus stop information for routing and schedule information about each route serving the metro station.


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