Getting Around Washington DC

Airports Airports

Flying into DC?

If you are flying to Washington DC, Ronald Reagan National Airport is the way to go because it is the closest airport to the city. Also, it is accessible by Metro. Other airports in the area include Dulles International Airport and Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Amtrak Train Amtrak

Let's ride the train

Are you traveling to NYC, Philadelphia, or Baltimore? Would you like to avoid paying for expensive airline tickets and spending time at airport security lines? If so, then consider taking the train. It's a convenient and easy way to travel along the east coast of the USA.

DC Circulator DC Circulator

The Red Bus

The DC Circulator provides fast and cheap transportation 7 days a week for only $1 a ride. The bus runs every 10 minutes at every stop.

Metro Washington DC Metro

The Subway System

There are five metro lines: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. All lines intersect each other making it easy for passengers to transfer trains along the way.

Metrobus Washington DC Metrobus

The Bus System

Metrobuses can sometimes be a more direct route than the Metro. Bus stops are easy to identify by their red, white, and blue signs.

Taxicab taxi

Need a ride?

Taxicabs use time-and-distance based metered rates. The initial taxicab fare is $3 for one person, with $1.50 for each additional passenger. There is no maximum fare for trips within Washington DC.

Zipcar zipcar

Car Sharing Service

Zipcar is a membership-based car sharing company for those who don't own a car in the city.


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