Embassy of Montenegro - Washington DC

Metro Closest Metro Stop:
Dupont Circle Travel
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Travel Fax: (202) 234-6109

Travel Phone: (202) 234-6108

Travel Website: mvpei.gov.me

Travel Email: usa[at]mfa.gov.me

Travel Address: 1610 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington DC 20009

Dupont Circle Station on the red line of the Metro system is the closest station to the Embassy of Montenegro. The station has two exits; make sure to leave through the Q Street Exit. From the station, it is approximately a 3-minute walk to the Embassy. Use the map and directions shown below to find suggested routes.

Embassy of Montenegro in Washington DC

From Dupont Circle Metro Station
Approximately 0.2 mile, 4 min walk
Travel Leave the station through the Q Street Exit.
Travel Head east on Q St NW toward Connecticut Ave NW.
Travel Continue on Q St NW.
Travel Turn left onto New Hampshire Ave NW.

Quick Facts

Passport Validity
Must be valid at time of entry

Blank Passport Pages
One page required for entry stamp

Tourist Visa Required
For U.S. Citizens: Not required for stays under 90 days


Currency Restrictions for Entry
10,000 Euros (or equivalent) must be declared

Currency Restrictions for Exit
10,000 Euros (or equivalent) must be declared

Countries Requiring a Visa

Foreign citizens may apply for a visa at the Embassy of Montenegro. In countries where Montenegro has no embassy or consular office, Montenegrin visa applications may be submitted to the Serbian embassy or consular post.

Foreign citizens coming from countries in which Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria have no diplomatic or consular posts may send their visa application and a copy of the data pages of their passport to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro by by email at

For an up-to-date list of countries requiring a visa, see the Regulation Visa Regime provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro.

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