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BWI Express/B30 Metrobus Schedule

Look at the timetable (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday) for the day when you will travel. At the top of the schedule, find the bus stop where you will get on the bus. Follow that column down to the time you want to leave. Use the same method to find the times the bus is scheduled to arrive at the stop where you will get off the bus.

If the bus stop is not listed, use the time shown for the bus stop before it as the time to wait at the stop. The end-of-the-line or last stop is listed in ALL CAPS on the schedule.

To download the timetable printable PDF format, click on the link below
Metrobus B30 Timetable

Metrobus B30 - Weekday Timetable

BWI Airport

Metrobus B30 - Saturday Timetable

BWI Airport

Metrobus B30 - Sunday Timetable

BWI Airport


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