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7-Day Regional Bus Pass

Paper Metrobus passes are no longer sold. Passengers must have a plastic SmarTrip Card in order to buy an electronic "7-Day Regional Bus Pass" that is loaded onto your SmarTrip Card.

The pass is activated the first time you use it. So, it can be activated on any day and it is valid for 7 consecutive days of unlimited bus travel. You can also buy and load two passes onto your SmarTrip Card. Once the first pass is activated and expires, the second pass will be ready to use.

The pass can be used for unlimited travel on Metrobus and regional bus systems, including ART, DASH, DC Circulator, CUE, Fairfax Connector, Ride On and TheBus.

How Much and Where To Buy the Pass?

The cost for buying a 7-Day Regional bus pass is:

Metro Regular fare: $17.50

Metro Senior/Disabled fare: $8.75

Stores: You can add the pass to your SmarTrip Card at any Metro Sales Office, Commuter Stores, selected CVS Pharmacies and Giant Food Stores or at select retail outlets. Here is a complete list of sales locations.

Online: Existing SmarTrip Card users may purchase the the 7-Day Regional Bus Pass by logging in to their accounts online.

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