Metro to Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

MetroClosest Metro Stop:
West Falls Church-VT/UVA Wolf Trap
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Wolf Trap Phone: (703) 255-1900 --or-- 1 (877) 965-3872

Wolf Trap Website:

Wolf Trap Email: [email protected]

Wolf Trap The Filene Center Address: 1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Wolf Trap The Barns at Wolf Trap Address: 1635 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182

There is no direct public transportation to/from Wolf Trap. To get to Wolf Trap, you will have to take a combination of Metro and Wolf Trap Express Bus.

The West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metro Station on the Orange line of the Metro System is the closest station to Wolf Trap. From the West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metro Station, ride the Wolf Trap Express Bus (Fairfax Connector Route 480) from Bus Bay H. The map below shows Bus Bay H (in blue) at the North Bus Bay of the metro station.

The Wolf Trap Express Bus leaves the metro station every 20 minutes, starting 2 hours before each perfomance. The last Wolf Trap Express Bus leaves the metro station at showtime. Returning, the bus leaves Wolf Trap 20 minutes after the performance ends or no later than 11 p.m. whichever comes first.

The bus round-trip fare amount (exact change is required) is:
$5.00 SmarTrip
$4.50 SmarTrip with rail to bus transfer

Bus service is only available for performances at Wolf Trap's Filene Center, except Opera Company performances and International Children's Festival. The Wolf Trap Express Bus does not serve The Barns at Wolf Trap.

Wolf Trap


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