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U.S. Capitol Building - Washington DC

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Museum Phone: (202) 226-8000

Museum Website: aoc.gov/us-capitol-building

Museum Address: Capitol Driveway NW, Washington, DC 20004

Capitol South Metro Station is the closest station to the U.S. Capitol Building at approximately 2 blocks south of the landmark. Another alternative is Union Station on the red line, but you will have to walk a longer distance to get to the U.S. Capitol Building. Use the map and directions shown below to find suggested routes.

U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC

U.S. Capitol Building

From Capitol South Metro Station
Approximately 0.2 mile, 5 min walk
Capitol Walk about 2 blocks north on First St SE.

From Union Station
Approximately 0.8 mile, 17 min walk
Museum Exit Union Station via the Taxi Stand/Pickup Bay.
Museum As you exit Union Station, turn left. Continue on Union Station Dr NE.
Museum Turn right at Columbus Cir NE.
Museum Continue on First St NE for 3 blocks.


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